Conservation through Education

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If you possess a love for wildlife and nature then Zoo Membership is for you!

The Cougar Mountain Zoo and Zoo Society are dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of the value, beauty and mysteries of the earth’s wildlife through education, recreation, captive breeding, conservation and exhibition.

The Zoo needs your support to maintain its broad education programs and to provide the best quality of life for the Animals which call the Zoo home.

As a Society Member and a Friend of the Zoo, you receive a great benefit package worth far in excess of the cost. In return we ask you to support the Cougar Mountain Zoo in its noble endeavor.

To facilitate a more efficient and personal approach, your benefits package will be available for pick up at the Admissions window.

Great Benefits
  1. FREE Zoo Admission
    Unlimited admission for each Member*
  2. DISCOUNT for Reindeer Festival
    50% Off Admission for Members
  3. DISCOUNT Guest Tickets
    Two half price admission coupons per Member*
  4. DISCOUNT in Zoo Gift Shop
    10% off on fun and unique gift items
  5. DISCOUNT on Zoo Products
    10% off on Carnivore Delight, Zoo Doo, Antlers, Emu Eggs, Feathers and more
  6. DISCOUNT in Fine Arts Gallery
    15% off on Fine Arts not to exceed $500 per item
  7. FREE Zoo Journal
    Voice of the Zoo & Society, published periodically
  8. FREE Zoo Key Chain
    One per Membership Category
  9. DISCOUNT on Close Encounters
    20% off on Close Encounter Programs
    an Institution you can be proud of
*Valid only during official Zoo Hours January through November. Not valid for Reindeer Festival, Guided Tours,
Birthday Celebrations, other Special Fundraising Events.
Categories and Fees - Minimum Donation
(Subject to change without advance notice)
Single – 1 person - $74
Dual – 2 persons - $99
Family or Group – 3 persons - $124
Add $25 for each additional person. Expand membership by adding grandparents, children, relatives, nanny,
friends, etc. (under 2 free)
Business – 4 Admission Cards - $980
Cards to be used by Employees and Families
Lifetime – 4 persons - $1680
Add $300 for each additional person
How to Join
Click here to download membership application.

Cougar Mountain Zoo
19525 SE 54th Street Issaquah, WA 98027
Zoo Membership may also be handled in person at the Zoo, email or phone.

Phone: 425-392-6278 


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