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Positions at Cougar Mountain Zoo

The following is a description of some of the positions within the Cougar Mountain Zoo organizational structure. If you are interested in being considered in case of an opening, forward your cover letter, resume and references to the Office of the Administrator.

General Requirements and Information

Experience Requirements*
Two or four year degree related to the animal sciences or Zoo animal husbandry and two years of paid Zoo experience. Sufficient practical experience may be considered as part of fulfillment in lieu of the academic requirements.

Physical Condition Requirements (minimum)*
Must be in good physical condition and work outdoors year round as needed. Possess the ability to lift 50 lbs., move 100 lbs., climb an 8 foot ladder, walk uphill and downhill and possess sufficient sensory capacity needed to function in a Zoo setting.

Zoo Protocol
Must be able to observe and adjust to Zoo rules including but not limited to Animal Care protocol, general safety rules, professional conduct, required Zoo uniform, administrative procedures and directives by Zoo Management.

Compensation and Benefits
Starting salary is based on qualifications and previous Zoo experience. Benefits include vacation, sick leave, uniform allowance, Society membership and others in accordance with Staff Manual. Salary increases are based on individual merit and performance.

Basic computer skills are required and more accomplished computer skills are desirable.

Working schedules are preset, (maybe subject to change) and may include weekdays, weekends and holidays as necessitated by Zoo schedule.

Visitor Interaction
Must enjoy interacting with Zoo Visitors, participate in Zoo educational programs and promote personal professionalism through attire, mannerism and enthusiasm.

* Some of these requirements may not apply in part or full to positions not involving animal husbandry.

* Open positions will be noted as such with green lettering in appropriate section. Resumes received for unopen positions wlil be retained for future reference.

Position Categories

Animal Keeping Section

Position Progression
   * Keeper Aide
   * Assistant Keeper
   * Keeper

Bird Department: Psittacines, Gruiformes, Ratites, etc.
Mammal Department: Ungulates, Primates, Felines, Canines, Marsupials, etc.

Keeper Functions (Bird and Mammal Departments)
Animal care including but not limited to: complete habitat upkeep, nutrition preparation, raising young, assisting in medical procedures, training, enrichment, record keeping, emergency response, capture, safety protocol, Volunteer/Intern supervision and involvement in Zoo Education Programs such as guided tours, lectures, demonstrations, outreach, close encounters, wildlife shows, etc.

Zoo Education and Visitor Services Section

Zoo Education Specialists
Responsibilities may include but not limited to guided tours, lectures, demonstrations, outreach, close encounters, wildlife shows, visitor oversight, hospitality, promoting Zoo programs, administering volunteers/interns, Zoo membership promotion, administration, quality control, oversight of public areas, managing Zoo wildlife museum, managing Zoo events, promoting the Zoo’s image and objectives

Admission and Retail Manager
Responsibilities include but not limited to management of daily operation, administration and maintenance of Zoo gift shop and art gallery, printing and distribution of Zoo literature, promotion and administration of Zoo membership and other basic Zoo Programs

Facility Development and Maintenance Section

There are several positions in this category. Depending on the position, skills may include but not limited to the following: facility maintenance, hardscape development, welding, heavy equipment operation, concrete forms/finishing, power tool operation, painting, excavating, vegetation maintenance, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, general repairs and other position applicable skills.

Promotion, Fundraising and Public Relations Section

Public Relations and Fundraising Director
Responsibilities may include but not limited to
   * Managing all in Zoo Fundraising Programs
   * Directing all outside of Zoo Giving
   * Directing all in and out of Facility Events
   * Promoting/Managing Zoo Membership
   * Managing Media and Public Relations
   * Overseeing Zoo Journal and other Publications
   * Managing Special Fundraising Drives
   * Partial or Full Management/Supervision of other Zoo activities related to Fundraising and Public Relations

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