Conservation through Education

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Zoo Journal

The Voice of the Cougar Mountain Zoo and Zoological Society of Washington published periodically and distributed to Society Members, other subscribers and Friends of the Zoo.

Cougar Mountain Zoo Docent Manual

An extensive, broad reaching Education Guide published especially for Zoo Docents and Educators with a focus on the Collection of the Cougar Mountain Zoo.

Animal Care Manual

A detailed and comprehensive Professional Guide detailing all aspects of Animal Husbandry and associated procedures. This unique, one of a kind publication is the standard of excellence for all Cougar Mountain Zoo Animal Care Staff.

Zoo Education Catalog

A publication containing all the Education Programs of the Zoo. This booklet is dedicated to the Education Community to promote the Zoo as every school’s very own ‘Living Classroom’.

The Worlds of the Cougar Mountain Zoo

This publication serves as a total guide to the Cougar Mountain Zoo Animal Collection and unique points of interest.

Other Brochures and Publications

Rack Cards, Wildlife Tracks Library, Pave the Way Program, Adopt an Animal, Habitat Sponsorship, Society Membership, What to See and Do at the Zoo, Zoo Map, Volunteer Programs, Issaquah Reindeer Festival, Daily Activity Schedule, Birthday Party Flyer and more

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