Conservation through Education

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Cougar Mountain Zoo is excited to announce that we are open!

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Welcome to the Cougar Mountain Zoo
Cougar Mountain Zoological Park Landmark Sign

Let us extend a warm welcome from the Cougar Mountain Zoo, a wild and exciting place located in the friendly and historic city of Issaquah, 15 miles East of Seattle.

The Zoo is nestled on the north facing slope of Cougar Mountain with a breathtaking view of the Cascade Mountain range and Lake Sammamish. We are dedicated to promoting the cause of the Earth’s vanishing wildlife through the universal power of education.

We consider our visitors as the guardians of our planet and put forth an unprecedented effort to give each visitor the utmost in personal attention and hospitality.

Established in 1972 the primary focus of the Cougar Mountain Zoo is on endangered species and education. Many of the Zoo animals have been born or raised at the Zoo and have developed a self assured attitude toward humans, enabling visitors to take a deep glimpse into the beauty and mysteries of other life forms.

We invite you to visit our Web Site and the Zoo often. We are committed to provide warm hospitality, a great personal time and an unforgettable learning experience.

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