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Close Encounters

Behind the Scenes Tiger Tour

Experience the World of Tigers under the guidance of one of the Zoo’s Tiger Keepers. Start with an informative mini lecture all about Tigers. Enter one of the top world class Tiger Habitats in the Country. Start your journey by entering a glass walled tunnel, where in a protective environment through 7/8 inch laminated safety glass walls, you can observe the Zoo’s famous rare Tigers socializing and displaying natural behavior. Then follow the Keepers for a special behind the scenes look at the Tigers state of the art indoor living quarters where they sleep and eat. This journey will become a lifelong memory.

Minimum Donation: $280.00 for 2 people, 16 years old and older
Approx. 45 minutes in length
By advance reservation only, Tuesday through Sunday, 10am – 3pm


Special Tiger Encounter

An experience of a lifetime! Meet the Zoo’s famous rare Tigers up close and personal in a protective environment, separated only by 7/8 inch laminated safety glass. Listen to your Guide telling about these magnificent creatures as they display their natural behavior and socialize with each other.

Minimum Donation: $56.00 for 6 people, $8 for each additional person, all ages welcome
Approx. 15 minutes in length, maximum capacity 20 people
No reservation necessary Wednesday through Sunday 10am – 3pm


Reindeer Encounter

A Fascinating view of a Fascinating Creature

Experience being with one of the largest Reindeer Herds of any Zoo in the Country. Start the Encounter by assisting the Zoo Keeper in preparing the special Reindeer diet. Help clean the Reindeer habitat and barn. Give specialized enrichment treats as they congregate around you.  Observe their hierarchal social behavior while they feast on the diet you prepared and learn what makes this species unique among all other deer species.

Minimum Donation: $120.00 for 1 person 18 years old and older only
Approx. 30 minutes in length


Cougar Encounter

Participate in this Once in a Lifetime Experience

Meet our National Treasure, the ‘Cat of all Cats,’ up close and eye to eye. Listen to the keeper tell you all about cougars.  Go inside the habitat and help clean and tidy up.  Help the Keeper prepare the diet and create exciting enrichment for these magnificent predators.  Observe the Cougar’s behavior as they takes possession of their ‘meal’ and enrichments.  Meeting these magnificent felines behind the scenes will give you a new perspective of the Cat of all Cats also called the American Lion.

Minimum Donation: $240.00 for 1 person 18 years old and older only
Approx. 45 minutes in length


Emu Encounter

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to look into the intense eyes of a 6 foot tall Emu?  You will have the opportunity to experience that while you hand-feed these amazing flightless birds native to Australia.

Minimum Donation: $75.00 for 1 person 18 years old and older only
Approx. 20 minutes in length

Lemur Encounter

Enjoy this memory that lasts a lifetime.

Meet these beautiful and critically endangered primates that are native to the Island of Madagascar.  Admire their beauty, social interaction and incredible athletic ability.  Do not miss this enchanting and rare opportunity to meet the mysterious Ruffed Lemurs of Madagascar at the Cougar Mountain Zoo.

Minimum Donation: $90.00 for 1 person 18 years old and older only
Approx. 15 minutes in length

Crane Encounter

Spend time with the most beautiful crane in the World

Meet our flock of young East African Crowned Cranes up close and personal. Socialize with these magnificent birds as you assist the keeper in daily enrichment and playtime activities!

Minimum Donation: $64.00 for 1 person 18 years old and older only
Approx. 20 minutes in length

Mule Deer Encounter

Meet our Mule Deer Herd Up Close and Personal!

Feed the deer special treats and watch them frolic and prong around their habitat.   Observe their natural behavior in this intimate encounter.

Minimum Donation: $120.00 for 1 person, $50.00 per each additional person.
Limited to 4 people per Encounter.  Ages 7+ welcome.  Ages 7-15 need adult paid and present for Encounter.
Approx. 20 minutes in length

How to book your Close Encounter!

Close Encounters are held according to the specific schedule of each individual animal.
Close Encounters may be rescheduled and/or shortened due to animal’s state of mind.

Call the Education Department Now at 425-392-6278.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% (VISA or MasterCard over phone or in person) at the time of booking will secure your reservation. If you decide to change the date or time of your encounter please call us as soon as possible and we can transfer your deposit.

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