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Indoor Zoo Lectures

Indoor Lectures present the beauty and mysteries of wildlife and nature in a classroom setting. These Lectures are held in the Zoo Education Center especially equipped for this purpose. Due to the ready availability of all Zoo resources, access to a priceless collection of animal paraphernalia and availability of Zoo Animals these Lectures are a great experience.

Indoor Zoo lectures also provide a great substitute for outdoor Zoo Tours in case of unexpected extreme weather conditions.

Choice of Subjects (or as requested)
#701 All About Feathers
#702 World of Macaws
#703 Animal Tracks
#704 The American Camel
#705 Endangered Birds
#706 Extinct Animals
#707 What is an Egg?
#708 Animals with Horns and Antlers
#709 Interesting Facts about Wild Animals
#710 Ratites: The Flightless Birds
#711 Suitcase for Survival - Animal Paraphernalia
#712 Endangered Animals
#713 Mammals, Birds, Reptiles
#714 Cranes of the World
#715 A Zoo Career
#716 The Cougar: Our National Treasure
#717 The Wildlife Trade
#718 The Bald Eagle
#719 One to Three Words of the Zoo
#720 Wild Mammals in Our State
#721 Wild Birds in Our State
#722 Marsupials
#723 Special Request Presentation to Fit Your Needs
Cost - Minimum Donation
Standard Rate $16.00 per participant $192 minimum
Living Classroom Member $12.50 per participant $150 minimum
  1. Your own personal Speaker for up to 1-1/2 hours
  2. A Presentation specialized to your curriculum or theme
  3. Visit by a Zoo Animal
  4. A variety of Animal Paraphernalia to see and touch
  5. A visit to the Zoo Resource Center
  6. Living Classroom Program Benefits
  7. A Teacher Information Packet
Great Options (By reservation only)
1. Celebration House use for 1-1/2 Hours $60
2. Outside covered kiosk for 1-1/2 Hours $60
3. Special Tiger Encounter $60
4. Adopt your Favorite Animal $50 and up
5. Engraved Birthday Paving Stone $65 for a 4x8, $112 for a 6x12
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