Conservation through Education

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Indoor Zoo Lectures

Indoor Lectures present the beauty and mysteries of wildlife and nature in a classroom setting. These Lectures are held in the Zoo Education Center especially equipped for this purpose. Due to the ready availability of all Zoo resources, access to a priceless collection of animal paraphernalia and availability of Zoo Animals these Lectures are a great experience.

Indoor Zoo lectures also provide a great substitute for outdoor Zoo Tours in case of unexpected extreme weather conditions.

Choice of Subjects (or as requested)
  1. All About Mammals
  2. All About Birds
  3. All About Reptiles/Amphibians
  4. Endangered Species
  5. Wildlife Careers
  6. Mammals in Washington
  7. Birds in Washington
  8. Reptiles/Amphibians in Washington
  9. Mammals vs. Bird vs. Reptiles
  10. Countdown to Extinction
  11. Exploring the Rainforest
  12. Environmental Ecosystems
  13. Wildlife Biofacts - touch and feel experience
  14. Conservation in Action
  15. Special Request Presentation to fit Your Needs
Cost - Minimum Donation
Standard Rate $16.00 per participant $192 minimum
Living Classroom Member $12.50 per participant $150 minimum
  1. Your own personal Speaker for up to 1-1/2 hours
  2. A Presentation specialized to your curriculum or theme
  3. Visit by a Zoo Animal
  4. A variety of Animal Paraphernalia to see and touch
  5. A visit to the Zoo Resource Center
  6. Living Classroom Program Benefits
  7. A Teacher Information Packet
Great Options (By reservation only)
1. Celebration House use for 1-1/2 Hours $60
2. Outside covered kiosk for 1-1/2 Hours $60
3. Special Tiger Encounter $60
4. Adopt your Favorite Animal $50 and up
5. Engraved Birthday Paving Stone $65 for a 4x8, $112 for a 6x12
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