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Issaquah Reindeer Festival
(since 1988)


Enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays with family and friends! 

Take part in the most unique annual holiday celebration in the Northwest,

offering excitement and fun for everyone!

Festival Landmarks


Santa’s Reindeer Team

We are Santa’s chosen reindeer to pull his Grand Traveling Sleigh which travels around the world.  During the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) we sprout hairy wings which are so small and flap them like hummingbird wings.  We take practice flights around Santa’s Reindeer Farm late at night to build up their strength.  We live for thousands of years.  Rudolph is currently 1500 years old while the rest of the team members are around 2000 years old.


Santa’s House, Airfield and Reindeer Farm

See Santa’s permanent house away from the North Pole.  Santa and Mrs. Claus live upstairs.  Santa has his wonderful, magical workshop downstairs open only for Elves.  The Reindeer live in the Reindeer Rooms located downstairs on either side of the workshop.  Santa’s Reindeer Farm is the largest reindeer farm located in any zoo in the country.  The Airfield is in Front of Santa’s House.  The flickering Lights are Landing Approach Lights for the Reindeer and required by the FAA.


Santa’s Kittens

Our names are Miksa (pronounced Meek-sha), Keira and Tika.  Santa raised us from little babies.  We run next to Santa’s Sleigh and keep the Reindeer and Santa company during the long flight.  We also help protect Santa, the Reindeer and his precious cargo during the long flight.  Merlin and Nashi, Santa’s faithful resident Kittens for the past 17 years have been recalled to the North Pole to oversee the Reindeer in training.


Santa’s Grand Traveling Sleigh

Santa has many sleighs but this is the one he uses for the longest flights around the world.  Please go ahead and sit in it and take pictures if you wish.  Imagine you are soaring thousands of feet above us with Rudolf proudly leading the way.


Santa's South American Reindeer

Santa changes his team when he reaches  the border.  We are adapted to the warmer weather and terrain in South America.  This allows Rudolph and the rest of the Northern Team to catch their breath before their flight over Europe and Asia.  We do not fly with wings, but instead flap our wool to remain in the air.


Santa’s Special Listeners

We were chosen to be his Special Listeners because our ears are so big and they can pick up voices from all over the World.  We listen to the children tell Santa’s helpers their hearts’ desires and provide Santa with that very important information.


Santa’s Mail Carriers

The official mail carriers for Santa, we have a built in pouch to keep everything warm and dry.  We are agile hoppers and make sure that every piece of Santa’s Mail is delivered right on time.


Santa’s Australian Landing Team

We run ahead of Santa’s Sleigh to clear the path.  Santa chose us because we are excellent runners and we announce his arrival with a big booming song.


Santa’s Sentinels

After many years of searching the world for reliable Sentinels, Santa found us on the island of Madagascar.  We scan the sky day and night and signal each time Santa’s team takes off and lands on the runway.


Santa’s Royal Security

We fly ahead of Santa’s sleigh over Africa to insure his safe passage.  We are honored to help Santa on this very important flight!


Santa’s Candy Cane Makers

Santa chose us as his Candy Cane Makers because we come in so many different colors and we can make different colored candy canes.  We press out giant sheets of candy and roll around to imprint our stripes.  Then we use our tails to spin the candy into festive candy shapes for everyone to enjoy.


Santa’s Playful Pups

We help keep everyone in the holiday spirit as they work tirelessly getting everything ready.   Since we love to frolic and play, we are happy to do this.


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