Conservation through Education

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This Program is designed to introduce college students or graduates seeking theoretical as well as hands on experience in the many facets of the Zoo World.  Participants are exposed to a broad range of fields inherent in Zoo operations such as administration, public relations, development, medicine, animal husbandry, education and many others.


Intern Programs provide an opportunity to earn credit towards a degree or gain insight and experience into career opportunities in the zoological field.


The purpose of Cougar Mountain Zoo’s Intern Programs is to enrich and to benefit candidates who are seeking to pursue a zoo career.  The Program is considered a service to those who are about to dedicate their lives, at first through study then followed by a career, in the quest of preserving the earth’s vanishing wildlife and the natural world as we know it today.


Click here to download intern program application.


Intern Program

Time Commitment:    

Program I - 320 hrs.
Program II - 420 hrs.
Function in the prescribed discipline 5 to 8 hours per day until fulfillment of program hours.  This will include weekends and possibly holidays.


The Intern Program is a General Curriculum program.

Participants in this curriculum function in the following areas:

            1. Zoo Education Programs

            2. Zoo Administration

            3. Zoo Public Relations and Fundraising

            4. Zoo Animal Husbandry


Registration Requirements:

Complete intern program application, $200 one time administration fee*, have active health insurance coverage, Tuberculosis test and current Tetanus vaccination.
* administration fee will be returned upon fulfillment of pre-established personal commitment


Recognition of Achievement:

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Participants successfully fulfilling their pre-established personal commitment will receive a Certificate of Achievement indicating number of hours spent in prescribed Curriculum.


  • Letter of Recommendation

    Participants fulfilling the entire term of their pre-established commitment shall receive a letter of recommendation from appropriate Department Heads if requested in writing.

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