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Library Stones

Established in the Year 2000, the Wildlife Tracks Library is the only one of its kind in the world.  The Library was modeled after libraries in ancient times where some of the books were engraved stone tablets lasting for thousands of years.


The Library maintains a growing collection of Wildlife Tracks engraved in Stone Tablets offering a unique educational experience and serving as your bridge to the mysteries of Wildlife.


The Collection is displayed in two sections.  In the Information Section the Tablets show the Animal’s Name, Track and Your Name and Message.  In the Discovery Section the Tablets show the tracks only, enabling the Visitor to match, photograph and identify as if the tracks were found in a natural setting.


The Library is designed so Visitors can study and identify tracks visually and by the sense of touch.


Located in a beautiful outdoor setting in the heart of the Cougar Mountain Zoo, the Library is a lasting tribute dedicated to people who care about the preservation of Wildlife. The Library Tablets are engraved Books in Stone mounted in vertical towers for best viewing and touching.


To help the ZOO develop the only Wildlife Tracks Library in the World and to create a lasting educational resource just fill out and send the Paving Stone Order Form  along with your tax deductible donation to Cougar Mountain Zoo.


This is a very special effort.  Please help us grow!

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