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Collection Master Plan

The Cougar Mountain Zoo Animal Collection Master Plan supports the primary directive of the Cougar Mountain Zoo and the Zoological Society of Washington, to create a better understanding and appreciation of the earth’s wildlife and the role of humanity in nature through education, conservation, propagation and exhibition.

The Master Plan shall focus on unique and endangered species with a unique and high level of educational value.

To assure a level of excellence and a quality life for our Zoo Animals the Zoo Collection Master Plan is comprised of ten different ‘Worlds’ (areas) of specialization. Each ‘World’ focuses on a genus representing one or more ‘Ambassador’ species/subspecies.

World of Cougars

The North American Cougar is considered to be the Cat of all Cats excelling in many areas of skill and behavior patterns. One of the leading Zoo Exhibits in the Country, this WORLD currently features three Mountain Lions.

World of Lemurs

The Lemurs of Madagascar are one of the most critically endangered and one of the oldest species on Earth. This WORLD currently features three species/subspecies of Lemurs.

World of Cranes

Cranes are one of the oldest of all living things dating back millions of years. In this WORLD, Cranes are represented by two species, considered tallest and most beautiful of all cranes.

World of Reindeer

Reindeer are one of the most unique of all hoofed animals. This WORLD features the largest Zoo herd of Siberian Reindeer in the Country.

World of Macaws

Macaws are considered to be the most intelligent of all birds and are called by many biologists the FLYING PRIMATES. This WORLD specializes in eight species/subspecies of Large Macaws.

World of Wallabies

This WORLD is represented by the Swamp Wallaby. Wallabies are a smaller version of the kangaroo. 'Swampies' have a distinctive bicolor coat and live in groups called mobs.

World of Ratites

This mysterious WORLD of flightless birds is represented by the Emu, considered the largest flightless bird with smallest wings.

World of Camelids

This WORLD is represented by the Alpaca, one of the smallest in the Camel family and closely related to other South American Camelids the Vicuna, Llama and Guanaco.

World of Tigers

This WORLD is represented by the magnificent Bengal Tiger, the only one of the six existing tiger subspecies that occurs in different color variations in the wild.

World of Wolves

The wolf pack is one of the most cohesive social organizations in the animal world.   This WORLD is represented by different color variations of the Gray Wolf.

Magic Forest Collection

Visit this magical place where art and the beauty of wildlife merge to speak a common language. Enjoy the view, great photo opportunities, feed the animals, sit and relax and admire the largest bronze animal collection of any Zoo in the Country.

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