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Military Macaw

World of Macaws (Hook Bills)

Macaws are considered to be the most intelligent of all birds and are called by many biologists the FLYING PRIMATES.  This WORLD specializes in eight species/subspecies of Large Macaws.

Common Name:        Military Macaw

Genus/Species:         Ara militaris


Mexico to Argentina  

Natural Habitat:

Dry forest and open woodland, in pairs or small flocks, up to about 20 birds. They leave their resting places – like all other macaw species – during the early morning to forage. They return to the same roosting spots in the evening.

Physical Appearance:

Physical appearance may slightly vary depending on geographic area. Olive-green with a red forehead. Uppertail coverts and rump blue;  bluish-red primary feathers. Cheek patches with small rows of small violet-brown feathers. Eyes yellow, beak dark gray, legs light gray. The female is slightly smaller. Young resemble the parents, but they are duller with a brownish tinge


The female lays 2 to 3 eggs. Incubation time about 28 days. Their young leave the nest after about 3 months. Pairs like to use barrels or drums as nesting places.

STATUS in Natural Habitat:

Endangered in their natural habitat.

Cool Fact:

The Military macaw’s range is fragemented due to hunting.  Their name means Ara (strong) militaris (belonging to a soldier), named after the green feather color.


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