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World of Reindeer (Ungulates)

Reindeer are one of the most unique of all hoofed animals.  This WORLD features the largest Zoo herd of Siberian Reindeer in the Country.

Common Name:        Siberian Reindeer

Genus/Species:         Rangifer tarandus sibericus


From western Alaska through Canada to western Greenland, northern Europe and northern Asia.

Natural Habitat:

Tundra, northern forests and mountain uplands

Physical Appearance:

Physical appearance may slightly vary depending on geographic area. Bulls have enormous, many branched antlers, often with webs of bone between the branches. Cows have smaller thinner antlers. Only member of the deer family with no naked patch on muzzle, which is fur‑covered. Broad hooves help them cross harsh terrain. The hooves act like snowshoes in deep snow and like paddles in water. Sharp edges help reindeer get good footing on rocky hillsides and on slick ice. With the scoop‑shaped undersides of their hooves, they can dig through the snow to find food.


Females usually bear one unspotted calf every spring, after a gestation period of 210 ‑ 240 days. Calves stand on their feet a few after birth and develop quickly. By the second day they follow their mother as she searches for food. They nurse often at first, but after six months, eat only plants, as adults do.

STATUS in Natural Habitat:


Cool Fact:

The reindeer is the only species of deer in which both sexes have antlers.


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