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Yellow Collared Macaw

World of Macaws (Hook Bills)

Macaws are considered to be the most intelligent of all birds and are called by many biologists the FLYING PRIMATES.  This WORLD specializes in eight species/subspecies of Large Macaws.

Common Name:        Yellow Collared Macaw

Genus/Species:         Ara auricollis


From northern and eastern Bolivia, ranging eastwards into Brazil and southwards into northern Paraguay and northwestern Argentina.

Natural Habitat:

This Macaw occurs in varying types of habitat, ranging from humid upper tropical forest at the base of the Andes, through deciduous chaco woodlands.  Primarily a bird of the lowlands, it does occur up to about 2,000 feet in northwestern Argentina.

Physical Appearance:

Physical appearance may slightly vary depending on geographic area. Regardless of size, all macaws are characterized by strong beaks, long pointed tails, loud voices, and a facial area of bare skin called the cheek patch.  They signal anger or unease by blushing.  The cheek patch of the Yellow Collared Macaw is   off-white.  Their plumage is mainly dark green with a yellow collar encircling two-thirds of the neck.  The distinctive collar increases in size and intensity with age.  The primary wing feathers are blue and the undersides of wings and tail are golden-olive.  The upper surface of the tail is maroon near the base and blue and green towards the tip.


A prolific breeder in captivity, they generally lay three or four eggs in two- or three-day intervals. They exhibit very strong pair bonds.

STATUS in Natural Habitat:

Threatened to endangered in their natural habitat.

Cool Fact:

Yellow Collared macaws are the fourth smallest of all macaws.  They associate in pairs even when part of large groups.  Will display very aggressive behavior towards other birds.


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