Conservation through Education

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Unique Features

The most unique and fun-filled holiday festival in the northwest, held December 1st – 23rd and 26th - 30th.

This Nature Gallery features original paintings, high quality prints, sculptures and unique craft items. One Man and Group shows also enhance the Gallery’s focus on the beauty and mysteries of the natural world.

The Arthur J. McCaffray Wildlife Tracks Library

The one and only Wildlife Tracks Library in the world. Enrich your familiarity with Wildlife through sight and touch. Learn about animal tracks and use the Library as your source for identifying wildlife. Help the Library expand by sponsoring an engraved Library Tablet.

The Ilona A. Rittler Magic Forest

One of the most unique Zoo exhibits in the country where art and the beauty of wildlife merge to speak a common language. Enjoy the view, great photo opportunities, feed the animals, sit and relax and admire the largest bronze animal collection of any zoo in the country.

Bronze Collection

The largest Bronze Animal Zoo Art Collection of any zoo in the World. These beautiful bronze statues are located throughout the Zoo and promote the cause of Wild animals through the international language of art. The Collection includes Zebras, Cougars, Alligators, Macaws, Cranes, Cheetahs, Reindeer, Lions, Tiger, Kangaroo, Rhino, Bear, Tortoise, Eagles, Elk, Elephants, Gorillas, Giraffes, Wild Boars, Antelope, Ostriches, Dinosaurs and others. These monument size bronze statues also offer wonderful photo opportunities.

Wildlife Museum

The Wildlife Museum features a very unique and priceless collection of wildlife and paraphernalia. The purpose of the exhibits is to promote the cause of the earths’ vanishing wildlife. The exhibit pieces have been donated by private individuals, public agencies and other institutions to assist the Museum and the Zoo in the broad array of educational programs offered.

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