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Admission Policies and Zoo Etiquette
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Admission Policies

  1. No refunds for any reason.
  2. Members shall be admitted as per Society Membership policies only.
  3. The Zoo reserves the right to eject any visitor without refund in case of unbecoming conduct or noncompliance with Zoo Etiquette.
  4. The Zoo reserves the right to change visiting hours or to close at any time without advance notice.
  5. In case of sudden closure Visitors may receive full or partial vouchers applicable to a future visit.
  6. The Zoo reserves the right to change Admission Donation Fees and/or Admission Policies without advance notice.
  7. The Admission Donation Fees and/or Admission Policies of the Cougar Mountain Zoological Park are not subject to exception or negotiation.
  8. Special presentations and Mini Lecture schedules are subject to change and cancellation in part or full without advance notice due to weather, animals' state of mind or other unforeseen circumstances.

Zoo Etiquette

The Cougar Mountain Zoological Park is a unique Zoo where Visitors can experience a close encounter with the animals that call the Zoo Home. Visitors are considered privileged and greatly valued guests. To maintain a safe and fun filled environment, Visitors of all ages are expected to closely observe Zoo Etiquette at all times:

Do Not TOUCH or TEASE Animals
Do Not ENTER Habitats
Do Not CLIMB on railings or stand on Benches
Do Not THROW rocks or other Objects
Food & Drink limited to Mountain Lion Plaza & Celebration House
No STRAWS, BALLOONS or GUM in any part of Zoo
No SMOKING; Includes Vapors or E-Cigarettes
No PETS allowed
Stay ON Pathways and NO Running
Stay at least 4 FEET from Habitat Walls
Read & Observe all SIGNS
Stay out of Water Features
CHILDREN 15 and under must be SUPERVISED at all times

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