Close Encounters

*Due to COVID-19 some restrictions may apply.  Please contact for the latest information.

Behind the Scenes Tiger Tour**

Experience the World of Tigers under the guidance of one of the Zoo’s Tiger Keepers. Start with an informative mini lecture all about Tigers. Enter one of the top world class Tiger Habitats in the Country. Start your journey by entering a glass walled tunnel, where in a protective environment through special safety glass walls, you can observe the Zoo’s Tigers socializing and displaying natural behavior. Watch the tigers show off in a special enrichment feeding session. Follow the Keepers for a private behind the scenes look at the Tigers state of the art indoor living quarters where they sleep and eat.

Min. Donation: $380 for 2 people, $45 for each addl. person, up to 6 people max.
Ages: 5 yrs. old and older (ages 5-15 with paid Adult)

two tigers laying down

Special Tiger Tunnel Encounter

An experience of a lifetime! Meet the Zoo’s Tigers up close and personal in a protective environment, separated only by 7/8 inch laminated safety glass. Listen to your Guide telling about these magnificent creatures as they display their natural behavior and socialize with each other.

Min. Donation: $36 for 2 people, $8 for each addl. person
All ages welcome
May be combined with Tiger Feeding Experience, subject to time availability

little boy up against glass with lion on the other side

Tiger Feeding Experience*

In a controlled, safe environment experience the excitement of feeding one of the Zoo’s beloved Tigers their favorite treats. Look into their magnificent eyes as they greet you with a friendly ‘chuffing’ sound and gently take their delicious treat from your feeding utensil. Min. Donation: $18 per person Age: 4 yrs. old and older
Currently unavailable
white tiger looking into the camera

Reindeer Encounter*

A Fascinating view of a Fascinating Creature.
Experience the Zoo’s reindeer herd up close and personal. Help clean their habitat and barn. Observe their hierarchal social behavior while they feast on special treats you provide for them and learn from one of the Zoo’s Reindeer Keepers what makes Reindeer unique among all other deer species.

Min. Donation: $130 for 1 person, $190 for two people
Ages: 16 yrs. old and older (ages 16-17 with paid Adult)

reindeer looking into the camera

Cougar Encounter**

Participate in this Once in a Lifetime Experience.
Meet our National Treasure, the ‘Cat of all Cats’ and take part in their daily care. Listen to the keeper tell you all about cougars. Go inside the habitat and help clean, prepare diets and enrichment. Observe the Cougar’s behavior as they take possession of the special treats you have hidden throughout their habitat. Meeting these magnificent felines behind the scenes will give you a new perspective of the Cat of all Cats also called the
American Lion.

Min. Donation: $240 for 1 person, $390 for 2 people
Ages: 14 yrs. old and older (ages 14-17 with paid Adult)


cougars lying down together

Lemur Encounter**

Enjoy this memory that lasts a lifetime.

Meet these beautiful and critically endangered primates that are native to the Island
of Madagascar. Admire their beauty, social interaction and incredible athletic ability. Do not miss this enchanting and rare opportunity to meet the mysterious Lemurs of Madagascar at the Cougar Mountain Zoo.

Min. Donation: $80 for 1 person, $140 for 2 people
Ages: 5 yrs. old and older (ages 5-17 with paid Adult)

zoo staff playing with a lemur

Mule Deer Encounter*

Meet our Mule Deer Herd Up Close and Personal!

Listen to your Guide tell you about these unique creatures. Hand feed the Mule Deer special treats. Watch them frolic around their habitat. Observe their beauty and natural behavior in this intimate encounter.

Min. Donation: $80 for 1 person, $140 for 2 people
Ages: 5 yrs. old and older (ages 5-17 with paid Adult)
mule deer looking into the camera
*By Advanced Reservation Only (1 week minimum), Includes All Day Zoo Admission

How to Schedule Your Close Encounter:

(Advance reservation is not required for all programs) Please contact for additional information. A non-refundable deposit of 20% (VISA, MasterCard or Discover over phone or in person) at the time of scheduling will secure your reservation. In case you need to change the date or time of your Encounter, please contact the Education Department as soon as possible to reschedule. Close Encounters may be rescheduled and/or shortened due to animal’s needs, state of mind, weather or other circumstances. For minimum age requirements plesae refer to Encounter descriptions.